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Gusto products & services S.à r.l. originated as a German cooperation and has over 25 years of experience in running various international businesses.

The name of the company was born while we were starting our business activities in Latin America in the early 1990s. In Spanish ‘a su gusto’ means ‘to your taste’. In English ‘with gusto’ stands for energetically and enthusiastically. So this has been our corporate motto ever since. Gusto serves customers’ requirements to their taste with energetic enthusiasm.

We have sourced, designed, developed, manufactured, exported, commercialised and distributed consumer goods from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa to customers and consumers in the EU, North America and several other markets. We have also gained insights into the industrial, healthcare, TMT and mobility sector. Since 2016 the company´s headquarters have been in Luxembourg, strategically located right in the centre of the EU.

We source, develop and deliver appropriate products for any distributer, i.e. for retail, wholesale, e-commerce, mail order and multi-channel customers – products 4U!
We consult and help manufacturers, service providers, drop-shippers, trading entities, inventors and entrepreneurs to gain access to the European market – services 4U!

Products 4U

Use our knowledge and experience.

Our focus lies on developing and delivering high-quality & fast-selling consumer goods.

One of our main strenghts is that we individualise products for your advantage.  Differentiation is the key to success. We offer private label development and delivery of these goods.

 We are happy to advise you and come up with an appropriate offer.

Our Experience to Your Advantage

Over 25 years of business experience enable us to understand your requirements and
necessities. Let’s partner up!

Our Experience:

For over 25 years we have been servicing customers with a wide range of different sales
outlet strategies. These include  DIY, gardencenters, supermarkets, hypermarkets,
department stores, apparell shops, sport stores, drugstores, discounters, consumer electronics chains,
e-commerce and omnichannel entities.
This gives us a solid understanding of the industry and your requirements.

Your Advantage:

We integrate our customers’ philosophy from the very start. We think outside the box. This approach leads to innovative and appropriate solutions.

Crucial aspects to integrate for products and packaging can include:
• sustainability
• drop-shipping solutions for omnichannel sales
• a digital product strategy.
In a challenging and disruptive market environment, we have to anticipate trends and
consumer habits. These need to be reflected in product development and technological solutions.
For example, one clear trend is that no customer wants to waist time filling out feedback forms. Imagine that you were able to get end-consumer feedback on your products or services simply by using modern voice technology. The consumer would just talk on a mobil phone device, just as they are used to doing with  communication apps such as WhatsApp. Through state-of-the-art technology, the seller gets valuable feedback that helps with the  following: understanding bugs or issues with a
product, reducing return rates, increasing customer retention, etc.

Product Segments

Take advantage of our vast knowledge across a broad array of products

  • Cosmetics, Beauty Products
  • DIY-Products, Household Items
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food, Food Supplements, Healthy Living
  • Clothing, Textiles, Shoes
  • Sports Goods, Fitness Products
  • Garden Products, Garden Furniture – due to an exclusive agreement we are currently only
    working in this field with one single partner

Services 4U

Use our knowledge and experience.

We want to be your partner and your personalised gateway to the European market.

Located at the heart of Europe, in Luxembourg, we open the door to a successful and tailored market approach for you. We focus on consulting and supporting SMEs from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Get direct access to the world’s largest trading block. We make you develop your business. Let’s build your personalised road map.

Find your competitive edge. Increase your margins. Grow your business. Gusto guarantees you sound expertise, intercultural competence, visionary outside-the box concepts, absolute confidentiality, and a highly individualised consulting approach in order to gain your European market share.

You can pick our services to suit you, on an à la carte basis, according to your requirements and wishes.
We are delighted to be able to support and to represent you.


Your products or services are selling successfully and you want to expand your business? Perfect! We analyse your positioning and opportunities in Europe.

On the other hand, we know the challenges and pain points of tight margins, unhealthy business dependencies, lack of innovative input and many other problem areas. We understand how limiting home markets can become particularly when you have products or services that can be sold globally. We also understand the limitations and frustrations for start-ups, creators and entrepreneurs not having been able to launch their ideas properly and make their dreams a reality.

The European market can be a solution to those challenges.

Let’s analyse where you are at!

Initial Positioning Analysis (IPA)

We listen and question you in order to get an understanding of  your background and your motivation. The aim is to get enough insights to establish a solid starting point and understand the upsides and downsides of a European market approach in your particular case.

Examples of questions are:
– Why do you want to enter or intensify your engagement in the EU & UK?
– What is your driving force? What does your product/service portfolio look like and what is or has been the product/service portfolio   strategy and background?
– What state-of-the-art technologies exist in your industry and where would you classify your company? Are there USPs (unique   selling points)?
– What is you market position today? How does the competitive environment look like?
– Who are your clients? What clients would you like to have now and in the future?
– What are your organisational goals?
– What are your expectations?, etc.

SWOT Analysis

Based on our findings with regard to the IPA we will undertake a detailed SWOT analysis together (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats).

We will look at your products or services, your actual market position, organisation and general entity structures.

The results will give us the basis for a more detailed and first opportunity/risk analysis.

Opportunity & Risk Analysis

Here we try to find out if there are more chances than risks. And if the risks are controllable.

– What does the market opportunity really look like?
– Are the products/services suitable? Do they need changes?
– What countries or areas are most appropriate to start or expand market penetration?
– What is the right timing?
– Who are potential business partners?
– How can/must products/services be adapted to specific market requierements?
– Are there legal requirements?
– Is there a true USP, and if not, can one be achieved? In what timeframe and at what cost? Is an USP crucial?

What is the budget and what basic targets should be achieved in which realistic timeframe? What are the “knock-out-criteria”?

These questions will lead us to a rough opportunity/risk assessement and a decision on whether and how to move on.


What needs to be done to effectively use your opportunities and strengths for your success in Europe? A strategic due diligance process is a prior requirement, with the purpose of identifying the right direction.

We develop an overall strategic evaluation and judgement of what needs to be done so that you can access the European market successfully or deepen/broaden your existing engagement.

Let’s find the strategy that best fits the individual requirements of your company!

Product / Service Evaluation and Concepting

Products and services will be adapted, redesigned or newly developed according to the common strategic aims defined. New concepts or disruptive ideas are discussed, challenged, evaluated and integrated.

We support you in this process and will find appropriate partners and specialists if required.

Market Entry

Based on a value proposition the market entry will be prepared in strategical way approaching and analysing the following areas:

  • supply chain planning
  • distribution planning
  • warehousing & logistic requirements
  • go-to-market strategy
  • define sales strategies (retail, e-commerce, multichannel, distributors)
  • develop and incentivise a salesforce
  • competitive environment observation
  • marketing and service strategy
  • HR planning
  • trade fair planning
  • digital strategy
Branding & Marketing

In mature markets like the EU brand building is decisive. It allows you to differentiate your products/services from competitors or third parties.

Brands communicate a value to customers and support their awareness. Brand and marketing strategies go hand in hand. Key market and customer segmentation is useful prior to developing or using an existing brand.

Once your distribution channels are identified a marketing mix for your brands is crucial. An appropriate brand strategy will improve your market and competitive position. It also helps to give guidance and orientation for your organisation.

We support you in brand development, brand monitoring, redesigning existing brands, developing your brand bible, registering new or old brands in defined markets/countries or implementing registrations at EU level.

IP – Intellectual Property

Let´s analyse what IP you have or could have. IPR (intellectual property rights) are a strategic tool that secures business profitability and flexibility. It also helps to maintain a superior competitive position.

An appropriate IP strategy can be used globally for the benefit and growth of your firm. IPR are not only trademarks but copyrights, patents for inventions (technical), design patents and even geographical indications.

Customers benefit from IP as it offers planing capability. We support you in building an IP portfolio. This way you are protecting your assets and creating additional value.


Based on the analysis and strategy findings, we now need to implement appropriate and agreed measures step by step, based on a prior developed business plan. We are happy to accompany you as your close European partner – one step at a time and in line with your individual needs.

Let’s implement and make it happen!

R&D – Technological Transfer

Establish a tech support team where required. Strive for cutting-edge technology and design. Establish effective R&D collaboration with reliable partners.


Execute defined go-to-market, sales, marketing and service plans, i.e.:

  • Define appropriate markets and timing of when to approach them and with whom
  • Implement a detailed brand and marketing concept for your products/services
  • Define and implement marketing, customer service and trade fair activities
  • Define and implement sales strategy, i.e. direct (touch) sales or via channels
  • In accordance with the sales strategy, define sales team and source/build a team
  • Define and manage your business based on specified KPIs

We can also support you in initial business partner introductions, agreement facilitation and engagement with service organisations.

  • Set up a local company
  • Find an office location
  • Get a business licence
  • Set up a bank account
  • Set up an accounting function, etc.
  • Define and set up distribution, warehouse and logistic partners
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive investment plan
  • Develop, find and set up HR-development
  • Set up an infrastructure to ensure growth and stability

We will be happy to support you with these tasks.

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